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Anthony J. Roa, AIF®

Anthony J. Roa, AIF®


Anthony J. Roa has been in the financial services industry since January 2007. He began his career in banking, helping clients navigate the day to day transactions and providing meaningful help and resources to his employees.  In 2015, he made another career change to financial advising so he could help his clients with their life-long goals.  His years of holistic banking experience, understanding the bigger financial picture, and management oversight, allows him to provide meaningful insight and perspective to help clients not only identify their goals, but put together a plan that will help get them to their own destination as efficiently as possible, all while helping them enjoy the ride along the way. 

He offers his experience in helping clients generate income efficiently "don't leave Uncle Sam a tip," determining the optimal social security filing strategy, creating a life full of memories and meaning, and helps his clients through tax and estate planning by partnering with his client's attorneys and financial professionals.Anthony has focused his attention in helping clients in the pre-retirement, retirement, and gifting phase of life in his practice.  He generally works with clients that are 55 years or older, already retired, or 5 years from retirement with minimum assets of $500,000.  

If you're looking for a Wealth Advisor to help you navigate the complexities of retiring with confidence, it's time to call Anthony at Pioneer Wealth Advisors.